Welcome to Fluff n' Stuff providing assortments of appetizers and desserts located in Brooklyn, NY



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  • "After sitting in at the Blue Note, with one of indie music's geniuses, Jeremiah Hosea, I see these magnificent looking cupcakes with guitars and the like on them sitting by the ..."
    Jerome Jordan
  • "I had a Breast Cancer Awareness event at my Boutique in Soho. I shared my theme with Quinton Bailey of fluffnstuff, and asked him to contribute to our cause. He gladly came on b..."
    Maryam Moma
    Elated Business Owner- YAMERRA
  • "Quinton has helped to make special days extra memorable for me and my family with unbelievably rich and delicious cakes. Good desserts are hard to forget. And great food is defi..."
    Lisa K. Smith
    Un-starving Artist

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We do our best always to ensure that our orders are met with the highest of standards from the moment you place the order to the moment you have you taste our "goods".


Payment Options & Delivery

  • Orders must be placed fourteen (14) days in advance - the sooner the better...depending on the complexity. Customers need to be advised that this time frame is set to ensure that the details of the order are finalized and set. Initial deposits are 50% of the total cost and must be received for final confirmation of your order. Cakes under 75.00 - full payment is required. If your order is placed in 7 days or less full payment is required and must be paid with cash, check, money order, or Paypal.
  • Because our designs tend to be labor intensive regardless of the size of the cake, our price structure includes both a design fee, and a per slice fee. The total cake price is the sum of these two fees. We never set a final price before we finalize the design, but are usually able to give an estimate.
  • Make sure you provide detailed instructions on your delivery and/or pickup. 
  • We recommend pick-up for large cakes, while we promise to package your items securely...ensure that you have the means suitable to transport them. Our delivery fees start at $20 for Brooklyn. Other areas are priced by distance.
  • To best ensure you will get the highest quality of customer service the details of all orders are reviewed and confirmed with Fluffn'Stuff and the customer via telephone AND e-mail.
  • Please DO NOT make a payment unless your date and pricing has been confirmed.
  • Deposits/Payments are non-refundable.
  • We accept business and individual accounts.
  • We communicate and confirm all final sales to our customers in a timely manner. 
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT orders via TEXT, all orders will be placed through our secure website, via email, in person, or via telephone.

Cancellation Policy


forfeits your initial deposit. Cancellations less than

five (5) days before event will be liable for any purchases or labor costs incurred by caterer on clients’ behalf. 

Pick Up Points and Delivery Charges

There are specific locations throughout the city that we call 'Pick Up Points'. These locations have been created for our customer's convenience for your items.  We also periodically (and randomly) have samples at these locations for our lucky customers, stay tuned!

***It is at the discretion of the kitchen whether a Pick Up Point is "active".***






  • City Hall Park  - Manhattan
  • 9th Street and 5th Avenue - Brooklyn
  • Canal Street - Chinatown/Manhattan
  • Jay Street and Fulton - Brooklyn

  • If you are a winner of a raffle, the same pick up points apply, please call/e-mail to confirm.


Please familiarize yourself with our policies and confirm your Delivery Charges before order is completed.

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