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Quotes Sooo I ate the strawberry pina colada cupcake last night. Mmmmmmm is all I can say! I am a huge sweets eater...tis cupcake is DELICIOUS, it's a MUST have. I could smell the fresh strawberries through the sealed container which made me want it even more. When I bit into the yellow cupcake it had strawberry cupcake in the center, strawberry center and topped with fresh fruit....icing...mmmmmm. Absolutely amazing...i love it! Thank you Quinton! Quotes

Quotes Quinton made me cupcakes for my birthday!! They were by far the BEST CUPCAKES I've ever had!!! (and believe me, I've had A LOT of cupcakes!!!) I can't thank him enough for helping celebrating my day and making it even better with his AMAZING cuppiecakes!!! Quotes
Jaime DeLuca

Quotes OHHHHHHH MMMYYYY GOD !!! after a long flight i was presented with delicious samples !! i cannot tell you which ones were my favorite but i sure can tell you ... they did not survive the night ! the caramel salt cupcake was heaven ! i cannot even explain how delicious the chocolates were! My doberman (9 months old ) agrees with me , i came home to give him his treats and oh boy he loved it ! i will be ordering more from him in the future ! _Vetta Rose _ Happy customer Quotes
Vetta Rose
Customer in cloud 9

Quotes Your cupcake and cookie samples were an adventure for my Pallet and a tease for my tummy! Honestly, the sea salt and caramel just blew me away! Definitely MUST have more! Dmcr@yahoo.com Quotes
Deb Ramsey
Instructor/Owner Cake Addiction Sugar Garden and Studio

Quotes I've had the privilege to taste the Delicious Artistry of Quinton's creations!! As a Chef I'm VERY particular about what I eat as I can pretty much cook/bake for myself..but I must say, "WE NEED TO SUPPORT QUINTON"!! First impressions are key in this business and I've worked 18+ years w/ & around other Chef's, Baker's etc....Often times their product wasn't impressive or they were very arrogant. 2 words...(Very Impressed and Great Personality) ok so it was 5 words!! :-) Continued Success! Quotes
Shaun Spellman

Quotes Thank you Quinton, for helping make my husband's "Dress Like A Hipster" surprise birthday party a success! Your mint chocolate (two of my husband's favorite flavors) cheesecake was amazing! We had to hide it, just so we'd have some to bring back home. I'm definitely spreading the word about Fluff N Stuff, and you'll definitely be getting repeat business from us. Thanks again! Quotes
Nihara Nichelle

Quotes First time I met those Cupcakes @Book Release party, I fell in love with the sight-the cupcake with the record ring on... then secondly I fell in love with the taste of cupcake... Then I got cupcake delivery as I requested, I shared with my bitter mouth co-workers/bosses and chef friends to get honest opinion... OMG... what can I say... ALL OF THEM said <THIS IS DELICIOUS!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?Had Never had like this sophisticated taste before in NY!!!> and also said, <THIS TASTE and LOOK represent Ur image well!!!> Japanese people love your cupcakes and amazing talent! Great foods always make people happy~! I am so blessed to be able to share these passion and love! Thank you so much! Quotes
Rica Nk
Satisfied Queen

Quotes What can I say?! I am so impressed by Fluff n' Stuff! You make the world a more delicious place, while doing good for your community; how can up top that?! I look forward to more people learning about this great company and watching your growth and success. Quotes
Rovika Rajkishun
Nonprofit Consultant

Quotes WOWWW!!! That's really all I can say; WOWWW!! I had the absolute pleasure of tasting some of these amazing cupcakes and each and every one of them were soooo yummy. I'm not a fan of sweets but I sure am a fan of these goodies! They were super moist and sooo tasteful. It was definitely a great 1st experience and I will be ordering much more frequently! Thanks Quinton! Quotes
Mye Shelby
Financial Advisor

Quotes Wow, you made me a VERY happy customer, along with my friend who can not stop bragging about how you made her Mothers Day very special!! Flowers are so yesterday, the pastries that you made were delicious and she absolutely loved them!! Keep doing what you are doing, you are brilliant at it!! Quotes
Mothers Day surprise
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