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Quotes I ordered cupcakes from Fluff N Stuff for themed 30th birthday party. It was was simple- I reviewed the website and then spoke with the owner, Mr. Quinton Bailey, who asked me what I liked flavor-wise and if I had anything particular in mind for color schemes or decorations. I was so impressed with Mr. Bailey?s artistic skill that I told him the decorations were completely up to him! There were options for delivery and pickup- I chose to pick up in the morning, and the cupcakes were ready and packaged when I arrived. Mr. Bailey took the time to send me a detailed email of how to present the cupcakes and it was perfect. I ended up with a gorgeous platter of handcrafted cupcakes that were almost too pretty to eat? until we took a bite! Then they were gone. The platter of cupcakes was like a party in itself? with lights, sparklers, and feathers! The price was more than fair for what I received. I had the sweetest 30th birthday ever. Fluff N Stuff bakery gets a hi five from me! Quotes

Quotes I was able to buy a sampler pack which included a diverse set of desserts and each were very well made. The presentation in the packaging and the cake decor looked amazing...i didn't even want to eat it--but I ate everything and it felt amazing! Quotes

Quotes Recently, a co-worker had an event to celebrate and I decided that a cake-carrot is his favorite-would be in order. Once I tasted it, I immediately regretted not having ordered two...one for us at the office and the other one to take home. Quinton knows what he's doing. Quotes

Quotes My family and I had the pleasure of sampling cupcakes created by FluffnStuff's Quinton Bailey. The cupcakes came packaged almost to beautiful to eat. However, temptation got the best of us. They were simply delicious! The flavors were so rich from the cake to the icing that it would please any palate. FluffnStuff is now my 'go to' for all my baking needs. Thank you for making life a little sweeter! Quotes
LaTosha Ruiz
Customer and HUGE Fan

Quotes Some of the best baked goods I have found in a VERY LONG time. Recently I moved back to NYC and found Fluff N Stuff. It was the best discovery that I have made. Their product is top notch and supeior above the rest. Fluff N Stuff has gotten me in some serious trouble with my weight lose program... I just can't seem to get enough!! Keep up the good work!!!! Quotes
Senior Financial Service

Quotes Wow I have nt had youir desserts but they look amazaing.. Your website looks awesome... Hope to taste some of your treats soon... lol coco Quotes
Coco Cubbage

Quotes I knew that was you walking towards me with those cupcakes! I yell out, "are those my cupcakes?!, you motioned your head no, lol but as you got closer you realized it was me you were delivering those delicious morsels to. All I can say is... me and the family devoured those cupcakes later that evening...they were truly delicious!!! I can not waiiiittt til the next batch. Quotes
Tea by Tiffany
Tea Brand

Quotes There's dessert and then there's an event. Fluffnstuff's creations clearly qualify to be classified in the second group. DO LEAD ME INTO TEMPTATION!!!! Quotes

Quotes Thanks to Quinton, I had a Birthday Cake this year. when he found out that I hadn't had one in well over 15yrs, he didn't not hesitate to step in and make my birthday a great one. Quinton blessed me with my favorite dessert, a Strawberry Cheesecake!!! OMGGGG....it was the BEST I EVER HAD!!! Everything from the topping to the crust was moist and delicious. To this day, I still think about his chessecake. Quinton is one of the BEST BAKERS in Brooklyn!!! Thank you again for making my Birthday so special!!! Love, love, love yr Strawberry Cheesecake :-) T. Myers Quotes
T. Myers

Quotes The personal attention and detail placed into the orders that I've placed with Fluffn'Stuff are unsurpassable! From my cupcakes to my blinged-out Initial cake and down to my tarts.... I have been pleased! Even when it's crunch time & I have to watch my model waistline you always come thru!!!... Thank You! Quotes
Monique :Dime" Smith
The Model Muncher

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