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Quotes I had ordered The Oreo Cookie Crumble Cake from Fluff N Stuff for myself on my Bday to share with my co-workers...let me say they were happy that I bought my own cake to start with but even more happier that I shared...lol. The cake was DELICIOUS! We plan to order again for the next staff that has a bday...I even made sure to take some home for the kids and the cake didn't have a chance. Before I could look it was GONE... Quotes
Maria Mercado
Customer Service/Mom

Quotes I've had the pleasure of watching Fluff n' Stuff grow, as well as being a taste tester in its early days. The baker loves what he does and it shows in his lovely products. EVERYONE should give Fluff n' Stuff a try! Quotes
Contented Co-worker

Quotes I love my banana bailey cupcakes! They were so good that they made my mouth water! And they were such a treat for me too since they were made with healthy ingredients. Each cupcake was a great snack for me, especially when I am always on the "go" and I am looking for something to munch on with my morning coffee. Thanks Fluff n' Stuff! Quotes
Life Coach

Quotes I had the pleasure of tasting Fluff n Stuff cupcakes for an album release event I was planning. I must say, they were the best cupcakes I have ever tasted. I was pleasantly surprised by the frosted filling which was unexpected but made the experience even more delightful. Fluff n Stuff is creative and fun...and the best part is the taste. As an artist, there is pressure to watch what you eat, but with Fluff n Stuff, all those concerns go out the window. I mean really! How could anyone resist something that feels and tastes so damn good!!!! Quotes

Quotes I asked for a dessert best suiting the audience I was performing for. I received some of the most tastiest tarts. Fluff n Stuff and I were definitely a hit that night, I'm sure someone from that night made some inquiries on their own. Quotes
Ofnie UFO
R&B Singer

Quotes Quinton baked us a red velvet cake that was INSANE! I seriously ate the whole cake before ever arriving home with it and neeedless to say felt awful considering I have two young boys with a wicked sweet tooth. The cakes are delicious and not too sweet which I love. Great work Quinton and we will be looking forward to seeing you in the VILLAGE!:) Mary Saigoniste all natural peanut sauce Quotes
Mary Nguyen

Quotes Fluff n' Stuff has definitely added some fluff to my waistline. But all jokes aside it's delish. Especially that white cake with blueberry filling with cream cheese frosting yummm yummm. What I love about fluff n' stuff is that you can customize what flavors you enjoy to make a delicious and wonderful treat. Can't wait for my next crazy idea :) Quotes

Quotes I had the red velvet cupcakes for my birthday and they were soooo good. My kids tried to eat them as soon as I got them home. I don't know what kind of filling was in the middle, but OMG!! I will be ordering again....SOON! Quotes
Happy Customer

Quotes Great product. Very timely. Knew exactly what I wanted and produced an imaginative cake! Quotes
Chris T.

Quotes I had the pleasure to taste Fluff n' Stuff.... I LOVE IT...Can't wait to come back to New York ... I want a CAKE :-) All the best Love Miri Quotes
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