Welcome to Fluff n' Stuff providing assortments of appetizers and desserts located in Brooklyn, NY



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  • "I had ordered The Oreo Cookie Crumble Cake from Fluff N Stuff for myself on my Bday to share with my co-workers...let me say they were happy that I bought my own cake to start w..."
    Maria Mercado
    Customer Service/Mom
  • "What can I say?! I am so impressed by Fluff n' Stuff! You make the world a more delicious place, while doing good for your community; how can up top that?! I look forward to mor..."
    Rovika Rajkishun
    Nonprofit Consultant
  • "Quinton not only loves to bake but it shows! I had the pleasure of having his chocolate chip cookies recently and I kept going back for more! I loved how he made such a simple..."
    Owner/About the Cake

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Q - What does the GOLD SEAL/STAMP on my item represent?

A - Our GOLD SEAL/STAMP represents our 'Promise of Quality and Reliability'.

We here at FLUFFnSTUFF promise to:

  • Provide the highest quality products available and possible.
  • Quality check all of our stock and items as it enters and exits our kitchens.
  • Buy all of our stock and ingredients from reputable suppliers, vendors, and stores.
  • Adhere to high levels of customer service, at no additional cost to you.
  • Sell exactly the item we have advertised (no false advertising), as well what has been ordered.

We are 100% owned and operated, so you can be assured that our reputation and integrity is important to us.

Our aim is to consistently bring you satisfaction and joy from your purchases and ease of purchasing from FluffnStuff.

 As a proud upstanding member of the International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES), I promise to always uphold it's values embedded in the mission statement:

The mission of the International Cake Exploration Societé (ICES) is to preserve, advance and encourage exploration of the sugar arts. ICES promotes and provides opportunities for continuing education, development of future sugar artists, and enjoyment of the art form in a caring and sharing environment.

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